16 March 2014

Vincent Uher: Hymn for 2nd Sunday in Lent

A friend in South Africa asked that I take the hymn I had written for the Feast of the Transfiguration and rework it (sans Alleluias) for use on the Second Sunday in Lent. 

My text that follows is the result and would serve well as a Processional in or out from the Sanctuary.  It may be sung to any suitable tune with the meter 10.10.10.D. 

I hope this humble offering will be useful to the Church, and I gladly give permission to parishes and congregations to reprint it for one time use as long as my copyright is included.

I have suggested Unde et memores by Wm. Henry Monk. The tune is frequently sung to the hymn "And Now, O Father, Mindful of the Love". 

O CHRIST the King, the royal banners rise.
Thy Cross, thy standard we raise to the skies,
And hail thee, “Lord!” whom all shall recognise
God's glory shining from thy Bridegroom’s face,
 Transfigured once upon the mountain’s height,
Reveal to all thy purpose and thy Light.

The Cross, thy throne where thou wast lifted high
Thou didst embrace the broken world’s dark heart
Till blood and water gushed when pierced was thine.
Death could not hold thee, nor a tomb contain,
O Love and Life, who now from heav’n dost reign,
The King of kings, the Lord who healeth pain.

Suggested Tune: Unde et memores (Monk) 10.10.10.D
Copyright © 2014 by Vincent W. Uher III