04 March 2014

Coptic Exorcisms of Muslims

There is a lot to contemplate in what is revealed in this article about this Coptic priest and exorcist.  It also reminds one of the apparition of Our Lady of Zeitoun when Coptic priests were called on to exorcise the demon-possessed who were confronted with Our Lady's appearance and convulsed in need of deliverance:

Father Sama'an Ibrahim ministering exorcism
‘But as Father Sama’an concludes his sermon by leading the congregation in a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer in Arabic, a chorus of yips and howls rises from a corner of the church concealed from the boom-mounted video cameras that continuously sweep the audience for the live feed. Muslim leaders are aware that their followers go to priests for exorcisms, but filming Muslim attendees at a church service could inflame tensions, whispers one congregant, a taxi driver named Mahrous, so those about to be exorcized have their own roped off section. Most of them are Muslim, he adds: “Christians rarely get possessed, because they are baptized young.” ’

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