18 March 2014

Slaughterhouses butchering Christians in the Middle East

Horrors worthy of Hitler.  If you are very tenderhearted, be forewarned.  Reading the following link may not be for you.  You may wish to wait for further corroboration before accepting these reports, but I have read and seen enough.  WND is considered a fringe partisan website by some, but on issues of Christian persecution WND has been accurate.

Curiously, this article uses the word "pagan" in its title to avoid using the word 'Muslim' or 'Islamic'. The proper word is probably 'Takfiri Muslim slaughterhouse' as the Takfiri Muslim "Rebels' are slaughtering Christians as well as Muslims who converted to Christianity or Muslims who will not cooperate with the Takfiri Muslims.  But it is probably because Walid Shoebat describes Islam as a pagan religion that the title is given as such.

The link that follows is for the print version of the web article which may not disable the embedded videos in your browser.  I do not advise viewing the videos unless you need to see in order to believe.  Click here to read of the "rebel" run slaughterhouses for the extermination of Christians.  

From Walid Shoebat: "The cruelty expressed by the Muslims in the Syrian slaughterhouses is reminiscent to the violence perpetuated by the Ottoman Turks."

U.S. Christians must rescue the Christians of the Middle East

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, have mercy upon your Christian children.