04 March 2014

Saving Ukraine

The Ukrainian government found itself in between two offers from the satan of Hell. The better financial offer was Russian but it came with its own strings and limitations that in the long run would isolate Ukraine from the West of which they so longed to be a part. A lousy deal.

The opposition that ousted the previous government wanted the "offer from hell" from the E.U. Although it was a lousy offer conceived by diabolical banksters in the service of the gods and dogs or war, this 'deal' held out the promise -- not matter how unlikely -- that EU markets would eventually open to Ukraine and that Ukraine would eventually join the EU.  In the meantime the IMF could rape the assets of Ukraine. Also, a lousy deal.

Both plans do not serve the Ukrainian citizenry. The best things for Ukraine is to insist on "free trade" with both Russia and the EU. They also should demand that the Russians, the EU, the USA, and George Soros pull their agents and agents-provocateurs out of their country.

The Russian paramilitiaries/special forces in Respublika Krym (Crimea) have frightened many who were pro-Russian and now want Russia out of Ukraine. It is one thing to be pro-Russian, but it is another thing entirely to find your life completely under the thumb of Moscow again.

Many an ethnic Ukrainian has looked at the new Prime Minister in Kyiv and smells a rat. They feel in their guts they are being sold out to the bankster war mongers of the West.  

Both sides look at Russia and the EU and they do not like what they see. Ukrainians do not want Ukraine to be the Czechoslovakia of this age. They do not want Crimea to be the Sudetenland of today. They feel the historical echoes of both betrayal and the ground-setting for war.

What Ukraine could do for itself is to write a new constitution and reconstitute entirely. They could turn each Oblast into a Canton and simply adopt the Swiss federal governmental structure in its entirety which necessary changes for the larger size of Ukraine.

Alternately they could come up with a new model that creates a different kind of Parliament, regional governments, and method for electing the national President. They could recognise the Crimean and Subcarpathian Rus' desires for self-rule and status as Republics but federated to Ukraine as part of a Confederacy of the Ukraine. The image below outlines in brief my humble offering for how to redesign a working Ukraine:

A new bicameral Parliament would be constructed. Seven new semi-autonomous states would be created and two Republics would be granted self-rule and participation within the Confederation. The Lower House of Parliament would be elected simply from each Oblast and the Federal District of Kyiv with additional voting representation from the 2 republics.  

The Upper House of Electors would come from the 7 states, the Federal District and the 2 republics and would be charged with electing the President. The President in turn would appoint the Premiers of each state, choosing individuals who are not representatives of political parties but rather come from the ranks of heroic individuals in science, literature, and the fine arts. New regional Assemblies would largely govern each new state.  The system of taxation would be completely revised to tax commercial transactions of individuals, business, and corporations.

The 7 new states would have the right to choose their own new names by referendum, but the names would have to come from a specified category. For example, they could choose a name based on a River, Lake, or Sea or geographical feature. By way of example, No. 4 state might choose to call itself Azov State, and No. 7 might choose to call itself Black Sea State.

Another category would be to name each state from a non-contemporary culture hero (which could include religious figures). From such a scheme there could be a St. Volodymyr/Vladimir State or a St. Olha/Olga State.  Any name chosen would have to be validated by the House of Electors and be approved by the President. The Prime Minister and Lower House would not be involved in this process.

So from my hermitage these are my thoughts as I attempt to imagine a future filled with hope for Ukraine rather than a future with the fires of war burning across the lands.  

Sadly, it seems that those in power behind the scenes want "to play a game" in Ukraine, and even sadder most ordinary folk have no idea what is going on.  In all of this I am reminded of Our Lady of Hrushiv and of Josyp Terelya's autobiography "Witness" — this is the book I will be reading through on Ash Wednesday this year and the first days before the 1st Sunday of Lent.  It provides a great deal of background and food for thought about Ukraine, Russia, China, and the world.

May God be merciful and bless us all.