29 March 2014

Meetings Mystical & Unholy Triangles

We have all had strange and miraculous encounters along the way of life.  It seems that only a few of us ever recognise the Hand of God on such occasions.  We may recognise that an individual who came to our need was an angel.  We may realise that at a time of prayer we experienced God's love in a palpable way we can barely describe.  Sometimes such experiences of God have taken place whilst having tea or coffee with someone we have just met.  I have been thinking about such an encounter that took place in Jerusalem when I was a young Anglican priest.

It now seems to have been a long time ago that an Armenian priest told me over a cup of coffee that a time would come that we would know the devil's own because they would be adorned with the 'unholy triangle'.  During my conversation with this kind and elderly priest in Jerusalem I learned many things that turned out to be true, and I have always been grateful for the encounter which may have been more of a mystical experience than simply sharing a cup of coffee with a gracious host.  

This good priest was also the one who told me that arguments among Christians about Our Lady's departure from Earth and her entrance into the Heaven of heavens were the devil's work.  "The only thing we need to know is that when Our Lady most glorious breathed her last on Earth, she breathed for the first time in Heaven."

I asked him about her body, her soul.  I was young then, and he was kind. "Do you think it is difficult for God our Father to clothe a soul with a body or remove the perfect body of a saint from the earth to its proper home in Paradise?"

He was showing me that my questions were really not about doctrine but were at root expressions of doubt in the sovereign power of God the Father to do as He saw fit.  It strikes my heart afresh every time I think of it ... for what is impossible to us to conceive or do is never impossible for God.

Now I am going to post a video of something that I thought was a hoax at first.  It turns out to be real.  I then decided that it must be some apocalyptic thriller with CGI manipulations.  One of those 'Enter the Antichrist' sort of films.  But, no, it is simply video courtesy of Reuters of an event that took place.

I can only find this video posted with the text of a 'prophecy' given to someone that mentions the unholy triangle.  I know nothing about this 'prophecy' and do not endorse or reject it. It seems to be attached to a movement that I believe authorities in the Catholic Church have condemned, in point of fact.  My interest is strictly the video and the very strange scene it displays.  [As for the text and comments on YouTube, should you go there, use your discretion and pray for the guidance of the Holy Ghost.]

We live in strange days.  Do not put your trust in Earthly rulers or princes.  Put your trust in Jesus Christ alone.

It is a good time to go to Confession or to make Confession to God in whatever way we can.  Make clean the spiritual house of one's heart for the love of Jesus the Lord.